Big Brother
 Wine and Spirits
 Keeping it Reel
 White Noise
 Fist Deep
 Bar Crawl
el Commandante
Editor in Chief
Jonny O
Propaganda Control
Jonny O enjoys candlelight dinners, mood music, and huffing ether. His superpowers include the ability to smell the future and blacking out.
Mistress of Mystery
Jenny is a semi-reformed adult film star, and is currently beginning a new life, under the Witness Protection Program. Due to her unknown past, we can only make assumptions on who or what she is. She looks forward to returning to school to complete her eighth grade education, followed by becoming the next American Idol. She is currently homeless.
Outpatient 8
Eyes on the Street
Outpatient 8 is an escaped mental patient we picked up hitchhiking on a dirt road, in Dayton, Ohio. His hobbies include anarchy, auto asphyxiation, blood sports, and playing “Tetris” in his mind. He is a former leader of a little known Cult, strongly believes all children are damned, and enjoys spending his summers in the Hamptons with family and friends. In addition, he is the “self proclaimed” creator of the Number 2 pencil.
Director of Liberal Bias
BW is a recently released, convicted felon. He was charged with multiple counts of narcotic possession after an unexpected cavity search revealed a vast assortment of illegal substances in his ass. Currently out on parole, BW plans to spend his free time writing, doing bong hits, masturbating to scrambled Cinemax porn, and scrap booking. He is the best selling author of several cookbooks including "Lite Recipes for the Healthy Inmate: Tossed Salads Everyone Can Enjoy".
Master of Intrigue
MS is a thirty-year-old college student. He has been attending school, and has remained a member of a well-respected fraternity, for nearly twelve years. His likes include beer, parties, and underage girls. In the next year, he sees himself finally getting that two-year degree, joining A.A., and looking into the purchase of a Mail Order Bride. His heroes are Ron Jeremy and Jonny O.