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Defining Moment Online accepts submissions from anyone. So, take that roll of toilet paper that you've just written your prison manifesto on with your cellmate's blood, convert it to digital format and send it to us!! We'll consider anything and everything. Poetry, short stories, news pieces, reviews, artwork, photos ... it's all good!

Alright, it sounds too good to be true, huh? It isn't!!! There are submission guidelines. And I don't mean the ability to get past the nurse at the psych ward, steal all the meds and mail a hand drawn picture of your 3rd multiple personality to an unsuspecting widow in Minnesota. We run a tight ship here at Defining Moment, and we don't need any of your shit.

So, here are the guidelines:

  • ALL submissions must be sent via email to:
  • The submission(s) should be in HTML format and contain at least 2 pictures. The pictures do not have to be original, but should at least lend something to your submission.
  • There is no specific type of writing or artwork you have to submit. Anything goes, if it's good it will get posted!
  • Within the next few months, we will begin accepting submissions via regular mail.
  • Any submission that is received will be posted per the discretion of the Defining Moment Online editors.
  • Your writing DOES NOT become our copyright. It will always be yours.
  • Defining Moment Online reserves the right to edit your submission for content or format.
  • Lastly, write a good fucking article, story whatever!!! Have fun with it and do whatever you want. This is total freedom!!

Well, that wraps up all that bullshit! Send your articles to :

We look forward to hearing from you, let's make this site something incredible!!
Editor in Chief /Grand Wizard of Propaganda