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No wonder I'm an agnostic.

I usually don't talk about religion with people, it tends to offend people, start wars, etc. I think religion is personal, between me and whatever I believe in. I don't think you have to congregate in some building to call yourself spiritual. But my beliefs are not my topic here. Pastor Fred Phelps Sr. is.

This man who is pastor at Westboro Baptist Church is, I believe, the Devil incarnate.

He runs several websites, mainly . Yeah, I pretty much couldn't believe it either. But then there's also, and This man apparently doesn't believe that god loves any of us, and that everyone is going to burn in hell. Except him…of course.

He freely slings epithets around like confetti. He also passes damnation around as if he were God himself. Which he very well may be. He (and his church) pass out flyers to hold celebrations on the deaths of such people as; Matthew Shepard, the young gay boy that was beaten to death and tied to a fence. He also says "thank God for 9/11". What a scumbag.

This man's message of "hatefaith" turns my stomach. He does not preach about any sort of love or compassion, only wrath, fear, anger, hellfire and brimstone.

It amazes me that people actually buy into this sort of thing. I am not a religious person, though I am quite spiritual. I'm human, I believe that each person is more than the sum of his parts, and someone spending a couple of hours once a week in a room with a bunch of people who don't even practice what they call themselves. The very definition of Christian is "to be Christ-like", and there is nothing Christian about believing and practicing and supporting hate, in any form whatsoever.

"Do unto others." Remember that one Mr. Phelps.

Outpatient 8
May 17th, 2005