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A Better Life...

A Better life...

Know this sons and daughters of humankind, that when the laws bind you, fail to serve the greater whole of your is your sacred duty to break them. The soul of those who stood against the opressive beasts of old should still burn within you.

Fall not into supple comfort and cowed existance. These words are written to reveal to you the nature of evil...and that evil is oppression and the acceptance of it greater so. The unwillingness to stoke the fire independence is the most deadly cancer of all.

We have fallen into the service of deceivers. Malignant rulers that seek only to protect their blackened souls and feed the void with the blood of the masses.

For all the epochs of human history have proven this to be true: THAT THE WAGES OF BLIND OBEDIENCE IS DEATH!

It is in the lives of the defiant that we must find our strength. Though their path to glory is rarely clear...

....Theirs is a claim that only courage brings.

The claim of creating a better life through revolution...