Big Brother
 Wine and Spirits
 Keeping it Reel
 White Noise
 Fist Deep
 Bar Crawl



Bring thee forth your strained muscles,
Your tired minds, strained wallets.
Look thee upon what promises undelivered,
What freedoms unrealized, untouched.
Blinded are thee by glitz of news and speed of food,
Ignored are issues of disease, forgotten are the lost.
Fill thee thy stomach with honey and wine,
Satiated, bloated, thoughts escaping.
Crushed are the masses not by tyrannical fist,
Not by oppressive mandate…
…But by thy own sloth, dependence and comfort.
RISE you squalled wretches!
Force thy fist down the pit of what is
Wrench free thy will from under layers of trifling torpor,
Darkened, tar filled understanding of surroundings.
Flex conscious, wrest free, ignore the sorrow of umbilical detachment.
Deliverance is soaked in blood, fear thee not,
Subjugation is soaked in lifelessness.

5/18/05 1am