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We are cleaning it up folks. America is filthy with the stench of pornography, gay marriage, indecent content on radio and television, music… The lords of the church and noblemen and women are back together. Wanting us serfs, peasants and indentured servants of the colonies to get amnesia and forget that part in the Constitution that separates church and state.

One of my favorite things to do is pose the question of a tax on religion but only if its an extremely awkward situation. The reply: “We can't tax religion because that joins church and state!” Do all of these people believe there is an existent separation of church and state right now or are they really that naïve? But then again, hearing that answer I no longer have to ponder the question why the US is falling behind in the world.

My view is if your gonna fuck us at least give us a reach around. Right now the proverbial fox is investigating the chicken coop. Maybe taxing religion could give some relief to the mass of debt this country has piled up for the last 5 and a half years. Instead of putting the burden on the shoulders of the working class, since it seems as though rich people have more use for their money than the working husband and wife struggling to send their children through school, or the single parent raising children on a fixed income fighting to survive

Insurance companies take billions of dollars a year just to reject a claim of a cancer patient because he's too sick. It's the old saying that you can't get blood from a stone. Hardworking people are good enough to pay in on their policies but once they can no longer work they go and find somebody else that is willing to pay their premiums and co-pays. It's a business and nothing more and your health and security have nothing to do with it. Law enforcement has a different name for it. Extortion.

Yup gay marriage is definitely tearing at our moral fiber. Let's alienate another portion of our population even more than it is already. Me personally I could give a rat's ass who people fuck and choose to spend their lives with. It's not my lifestyle but either is going to church every Sunday to pay money so the sins I can apparently not shed be falsely forgiven. Maybe the catholic church should stop expecting their believers to donate a certain percentage of their earnings and start cleaning house. Or financing the treatment of those people and families who's lives have been destroyed. The least they could do is try to restore what little of their lives remain.

Instead religious groups and the senators they put into power will spend some more investigative money to keep your children's ears virgin because it doesn't matter anyway. The future generations are gonna be so ignorant and uneducated and safe and afraid colonialism will come full circle. They'll live under the cloak of the New World Order fanatics love to create. Hey, at least the gays and porn will be eradicated and music, television and radio will be safe for church going folk to live free and happy.

el Commandante
August 8th, 2006