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Whores Of The Empire

The waters seem so calm now, but something leaves an uneasy feeling in the pit of my stomach. It’s that nagging feeling that something else is going on, under the radar, just under your nose. Everyone is burnt out, including the animals that run our great land. Everyone wants to sit back with a stiff drink and either revel in their glory or heal their wounds. It’s now, when the real bastards sneak in and start fucking with things that we have to be careful.

If something REALLY secret or important was going on, do you think you’d read about it in the newspaper, hear it on the news? That’s where our old friend paranoia comes in. I consider this cabal of imposters capable of anything and everything, and I wouldn’t put it past them.

I mulled over these things as I rocketed down the highway, doing upwards of 80 mph on a 30 year old motorcycle. There’s nothing like putting yourself in a position where one wrong move can leave your body splintered and lifeless in a heartbeat, to get a new perspective on our world. The engine groaned from the stress and the bike violently swayed back and forth as I kept punching the throttle harder and harder.

“Is this the America we all want? Do we have any faith in ourselves anymore? Can we trust no one?”

We’ve given away our choices, our rights …our confidence. Everyone has gotten scared of the world and afraid of their own decisions.

The sound of a million bugs smashing into the face shield of my helmet reverberated throughout my skull. I realized that the America we know and love has been turned out like a two-dollar whore. Turning tricks for the “big dogs”, who’ve whipped us all into pathetic caricatures of people. The same men whose blind, ruthless, maniacal drive for power and money has brought them little satisfaction. They’ll pimp you out, they’ll pimp me out, they’ll pimp themselves out.

These bastards, these toadies, these bootlickers… these whores of the empire.

A thousand synapses fired through my brain as I swerved to avoid getting sideswiped. The adrenaline rushed through my veins and I felt alive. I revved the engine even harder, and felt like pressing my luck some more …at least I was in control.

Jonny O
May 6th, 2005