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There is a fellow in Doylestown who is in his mid fifties and truly believes Bush is the antichrist...he is on cnn right now butchering the "facts" he was given to recite..he hasn't strung together one proper sentence in the last ten minutes..what i would like to address today is the situation that has arisen in what appears to be another case of CIA "blowback," the U.S. backed warlords who have ruled the region for the last 15 years have been defeated by radical islamists with direct ties to al-queda. The warlords are now on the run and not even their CIA training is going to save their skins once they are captured.

The civilian populous has grown weary of the continous violence that has plagued the region and the lack of a stabilized central government. This has resulted in a shift in support of the islamic forces that now are essentially taking over the country. There is no doubt a cause for alarm, due to the nature of fundamentalist rule.

When the CIA gets involved in the policy of shaping the government of foreign countries, they seem to have habitually resorted to financing groups that violate the human rights of the citizens of the country. when will the CIA learn that this policy will backlash into chaos and a further negative view in the minds of those people we are trying to win over.. the nyt is reporting that the warlords were receiving between $100,000 to $150,000 from the united states. this money has gone to instilling a reign of violence and terror that has done nothing but further the anti-american sentiment in the region. The result of this policy is yet to be fully seen, but one could guess that if al-qaeda gains any kind of foothold in somalia, then the chances of suicide bombers and terrorist recruits is stronger than it was before.. Mr. Bush and his advisors are so clueless in shaping a foreign policy that makes any sense. Terrorism has increased worldwide substantially since 9-11 and the bush administration claims that this is a positive step because it keeps the war out of the continental U.S. a peripheral view of the war on terror would view worldwide terrorism as a problem everywhere, not just in the homeland. think about the results of other blowback from cia policy..

Iran in the 70's - the Cuban alliance with the Soviets- the Columbian drug cartel- Iraq and the chemical weapons-and of course Afghanistan which eventually resulted in 9-11.......and that is just a we are led to Somalia and the failed CIA policy there.. Bush gave Tenet the medal of freedom-the highest civilian honor- for his service to the CIA...typical moron president


June 6, 2006