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Cookie Monster
...has been crushed by the mighty heel of the PC beast.

I think I'm gonna puke. I don't care who you are or what color you may be. If you have been a kid in the past 35 years, we all wanted to be blue and fuzzy at some point.

He's the fuckin' COOKIE monster! Not the "let's eat carrots and peas weirdo". If your kids are fat, it's not Cookie's fault. If you can't control your little runts or if you think they're so soft headed that Cookie Monster is influencing their lives in a negative way ...then don't watch. But if your kid is such a friggin' bean head that a fuzzy blue puppet on TV is affecting their lives in a negative got bigger bugs in your soup.

Forming a focus group of people who don't want to take responsibility for having fat kids is the new American way. Go ahead, fuck with one of the most innocent childhood icons of all time. Show the kids how we deal with problems by just skinning the 1st few layers of flesh. I guess accountability is only skin deep.

Maybe I should just bow to the almighty PC demon and become one of it's meek and timid minions. Far too afraid to speak my mind for fear of hurting someone's little feelings. To be cowed at the work place unable to make funny jokes. I NO LONGER WISH TO BE CALLED WHITE!!!! I am Afrocentrically Challenged.

Fuck that.

I hereby declare war on the PCSA (politically correct states of America). I vow to say the most honest thing to every PC fuck stick I run across.


Our motto...

Our logo...
A black, gay woman confined to a wheelchair giving the "forearm up" fuck you sign. Being pushed by a well dressed, blond haired, blue eyed, white guy with a big empty smile and a thumbs up.

Any of my artist friends that want to try and draw that for me?

Outpatient 8
Sept. 9th, 2005