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Union Dead

The Union Dead

Last week I experienced something unique… I went to a show in Philly and actually saw a band that was good. The Union Dead brought a high energy show to a low energy venue and managed to be entertaining.

Their kinetic performance was reminiscent of old school G ‘n R and Iggy and the Stooges. I managed to get their demo EP and gave it a listen. The only fault I have with the disc is that it comes up short in capturing the raw energy from their live performance. Other than that the songs are solid. The first track, “Silence on the Radio”, is the best on the disc. The song starts with a pretty straight ahead hard rock feel and has a great chorus. The vocals are nasty and fit well and the guitar playing really rips through the songs.

During the performance, the lead singer demanded alcohol, threw things, and berated his enemies, just like any self respecting rock and roll singer should. One key moment was the intro to one of their songs about nun raping or fucking or something along those lines. It’s not often you hear that topic broached in music.

Overall, the Union Dead grabbed you by the throat when they hit the stage and didn’t let go til it was over. Maybe rock and roll isn’t really dead. They are definitely a band on their way up... expect to hear more from them in the future.

Jonny O
May 19th, 2006