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Social Distortion

Social Distortion
Sex, Love and Rock 'n' Roll

I had reservations about this one. Social Distortion has a lot of meaning to me. It's the music you hear cruising down a dirt road on a sunny day, the songs you know and listen to sitting around on a Tuesday afternoon drinking with your lowlife friends. This band represents many things to me.

To be honest, my expectations were low, but this album fucking kicks ass! It sounds a lot like other Social Distortion albums, but a little more polished. The songs have a really big sound and touch on all the themes that made Social Distortion so great. It's music for anyone who's not fucking rich or perfect. People who get thrown curveballs in life and still come out on top. The album drips with earnestness and integrity, something lacking in a lot of music today.

The standouts include: "Footprints on my Ceiling", "Nickels and Dimes", and "Winners and Losers". "Footprints" almost has a sort of country feel in the beginning, then shreds into a standard Social Distortion song. "Nickels and Dimes" is a song for anyone that feels their time is wasted and "Winners and Losers" is a more thoughtful, slower song. Mike Ness is the man.

Needless to say I fucking love this record. Go out and buy it. If you don't understand Social Distortion, you probably don't understand me.

Jonny O
May 15th, 2005