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Serenity has dethroned Star Wars in my book. Lucas blew it big time and Weadon picked up the slack.

Go ahead Star Wars Fanboys. Squirm and whine all you want. You are wrong. Ep.1-3 sucked eggs and you know it. Lucas thought he could spoon feed us pop culture horse shit and that we would just accept as "good". Well, NOT FUCKING LIKELEY! Fuck you Lucas for jerking us around so badly and Thank you Mr. Weadon for delivering what we wanted and needed. A good shot of gritty sci-fi opera.

Take note Lucas, you bloated, blind, egocentric, geezer. We will no longer suffer processed, over thought, PC schlock. You really boned a bantha this time. You had every chance to do the right thing w/ Ep.1-3. But no. You wanted to bank, and you did. But you did not need to. Dense already where your pockets with the earnings of the people from your first SW ventures and marketing genius. But that was not enough. You decided to make a mass appealing crapfest to whip up some more cheese. We should have seen it coming with those fucking Ewoks.

Serenity contains great writing, great acting, fan-fuckinf-tastic story and some twists that will make you say "What the fuck?!". Where Ep. 1-3 contain good actors that do bad acting due to fuckey writing. Oh and Serenity's effects...just as good. The props aren't as tight but the effects and design of the "world" are top notch.

I command you to go and see this movie. Take the Star Wars pacifier out of your mouth and the Lucas strap-on out of your ass and go see this flick.


Outpatient 8
October 13th, 2005