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Call Jammer as Splatman/Loose Stain
Fallon as Splatgirl
Madison as Scatgirl/Fallina File
Tony Tedeschi as The Penguin
Tom Chapman as Max Prick
Tiffany Million as Alfrida the Manservant

Also Starring: Chrissy Ann
Patricia Kennedy
Ona Zee
Jake Steed
Don Fernando
Nick Castro
Mad Dad Dan

Directed by: Mad Dad Dan

If you have seen this movie you are definitely not in society's upper crust. Although highly delightful because of it's absurdity there's not a ton of high brow humor. On the front cover your treated to the phrase that I believe says "A lone dark figure spurts through the night." Right away Splatman shows us his unique crime-fighting abilities when he saves a young lady from rape. After she's safe she's all too happy to repay Splatman by fucking him. After he unloads on her face she asks him "Who are you?"

The reply ,"I'm Splatman."

It looks like Glossen City is gonna get cleaned up, but Max Prick and the Pornguin got other plans. Plastic balls with the letters FED ( Fertility Eradication Dissolution) written on them in marker. The Feds take all the sexual energy in the body and turn it into hosility and aggression. Pure genius. From there on out it really starts to pick up. Scatgirl and Alfrida the Manservant get together. A little DP going on when Max Prick ,the Pornguin and 2 henchmen go after 2 sluts in Max's office. And Splatman who's gotta meet his female equal and give her the usual Splatman signature move.

I won't tell you anymore because it would definitely ruin the movie for you. If you have seen or own this classic then you are a lucky fan. If you hear your buddies or anybody talking about it and you still haven't seen it ask them if you can borrow it or maybe dub or something else. It really doesn't matter how you watch it, just watch it. I say this because it's very hard to get a hold of but if you enjoy porn it is definitely worth the trouble.

el Commandante
August 8th, 2005