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The savage trial of the Aryan Brotherhood


If these are your new neighbors... move!

And lo the pendulum swings with a deliberate sickening rhythm. Beat for beat, marching it’s way through time… all things must come to an end. The US government has just embarked on the largest death penalty case in it’s history. The trial of the Aryan Brotherhood… the most ruthless, bloodthirsty prison gang to ever rear it’s ugly head. Over 40 top leaders of the AB are currently being tried for murder and racketeering among other things.

Most of them are already sentenced to life imprisonment. Short of the death penalty, these men are punished to the maximum extent of the law. They live their lives in total confinement. They communicate with encrypted notes written with a mixture of their own urine that when heated is visible. These are the monsters in your closet, the shadows in the alley. Due to the extreme sociopathic nature of the defendants, all men on trial will be shackled to the floor for the extent of the trial. One will be wheeled in Hannibal Lecter style with a full shackled face mask and straight jacket. At previous trials of the AB, one defendant stabbed his lawyer in the courtroom and another hurled a television set at the judge. These men have nothing to lose, and must be treated with caution… tales of members snapping handcuffs and breaking necks are not to be taken lightly.

Grampa? NO!!!!!

The Aryan Brotherhood was formed in the 60s in San Quentin as a response to pressure from other gangs, especially the Black Guerilla Family. At the time, there were several race wars going on inside the US penal system. Through the years the AB built a reputation as one of the most violent and ruthless gangs in maximum security prisons. Members were especially sought out with severe violent and sociopathic tendencies. Several were known to go to the prison library, and study anatomy books in order to learn where best to stab an enemy. The phrase “Blood in, blood out” is their motto. To enter the AB you must spill someone’s blood… to leave, it is your blood that is spilled.

The trial is focusing on Brotherhood chief Barry "The Baron" Mills and his top lieutenant Tyler "The Hulk" Bingham, two of the top men in the Aryan Brotherhood. They are two of the worst, a few years ago they were both convicted of the murder of several guards in two separate incidents. The “Baron” was being led out of his isolation lockdown cell in what was thought to be the most secure Federal prison in America. He was passed a knife, snapped his handcuffs and stabbed a guard to death. Not to be topped, later that day, the “Hulk” pulled the same trick severely injuring more than a few guards. His reason for doing it, he didn’t want the “Baron” to have a higher body count.

An AB member makes a childish attempt at a "Greeting" card

One of the prosecution’s largest problems is that almost all of the murders committed by the AB were of other inmates. These cases are almost never investigated. Law enforcement coins these types of murders NHI… “No Humans Involved”. Any informants or witnesses for the prosecution are not easily trusted, because they are in fact rapists and murderers, looking for a way to get back on the street. The Aryan Brotherhood makes up .05% of the prison population and is responsible for over 20% of all violent deaths behind bars. They make their money through extortion, gambling and drug trafficking, to name a few things. Drugs inside the penal system are worth sometimes 10 to 20 times as much as they are on the street. The prosecution has it’s work cut out for it.

These men are the embodiment of all that is sick and cruel in the world… say your prayers and keep a shotgun by your nightstand, many members of the original Aryan Brotherhood are starting to come up for parole… and are being released. Sleep tight.



Jonny O
June 9, 2006