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The Da Vinci Code

By no standards can this book be called a literary work. There has very little descriptive text. Almost no textural embellishment. The only characters that get any sort of development in the sense of personality are the secondary ones. Robert and Sophie, the two main characters, and painfully devoid of any sort of soul for the reader to connect with. All of the factors combined in one book equal a bad fucking read. Or they should.

The DaVinci Code is poorly written but expertly laid out. The chapters are laid out like chapters on a DVD. Some of them are as short as half a page, none of them are longer than four pages. Perfect for today's shortened attention spans. I also believe this helps add to the feeling of anticipation you get from reading this book. But the main reason this book mad me read it from front to back in about 3 hours is this; all of the places, organizations, cryptology, and church cover up stuff is true. But it is a work of fiction. Imagine telling a story about a Marine named Bob fighting on D-Day, landing on Omaha Beach, following battle plains that really existed. The Marines, D-Day, Omaha Beach, and the battle plains are all real. But Bob is not. So his actions in the book are fiction. As are all the actions of the characters in The DaVinci Code.

Reading this below average novel was fun for me because I had my laptop next to me the whole time. Every time I ran across something in the book I was not sure was real, I looked it up. It was kind of freaky. That's why this book is FUN to read but not a GOOD read. Don't buy it unless you can get it used. It's not coming out in paper back any time soon because it is still selling like crack back in the '92. There is also a movie being shot based on the book starring Tom Hanks.

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May 13th, 2005